Red Centurion Gloves

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CENTURION™ PU Leather Boxing Gloves with Latex Foam Padding

Product Description: Step into the ring with confidence using our CENTURION™ Boxing Gloves, meticulously crafted for the modern warrior. These gloves are engineered with a high-grade PU leather exterior, offering a durable and flexible shell that withstands the rigors of intense training sessions.

At the core, our gloves feature premium latex foam padding, providing unparalleled shock absorption and hand protection. The dense yet responsive foam contours to your hands, ensuring a snug and secure fit while delivering maximum impact resistance. Each glove is hand molded for unparalleled quality control.

The ergonomic design includes a pre-curved form that aligns with the natural curvature of your fists, promoting proper punching technique and reducing the risk of injury. The gloves’ interior is lined with a smooth, sweat-wicking fabric that keeps your hands cool and comfortable during the heat of battle.

Equipped with a robust velcro closure system, these gloves offer a fit that’s both quick and easy to adjust, even when you’re in a hurry. The reinforced stitching along the seams guarantees that your CENTURION™ gloves will remain a staple in your training arsenal for countless rounds to come.

Whether you’re sparring, hitting the bag, or hitting the mitts, trust in CENTURION™ Boxing Gloves to deliver the performance and protection you need to unleash your full potential.


  • High-grade PU leather for superior durability
  • Premium latex foam padding for exceptional shock absorption
  • Pre-curved ergonomic design for optimal hand positioning
  • Sweat-wicking interior lining for enhanced comfort
  •     Reinforced stitching for long-lasting quality

Embrace the power and precision of CENTURION™ — where every punch counts.